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Academic Programs
HKUST offers a wide range of academic programs related to sustainability and the environment. The Division of Environment is a newly-created academic unit under the Interdisciplinary Program Office. Faculty members of the Division have diverse backgrounds in science, engineering, business and social sciences and provide integrated and cutting-edge undergraduate and postgraduate education on global environmental issues and emerging solutions. A BSc in Environmental Management and Technology Program was launched in 2010. This innovative program prepares environmental leaders for the business sector. Other programs offered include a Master of Science (MSc) and Graduate Diploma (GD) in Environmental Science and Management and a new research program (MPhil and PhD) in Environmental Science, Policy and Management launched in 2012.
The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering delivers holistic education for students and equips them with the necessary tools to ensure that we live in a safer environment and enjoy a continually-improving standard of living. The BEng in Civil and Environmental Engineering Program provides a sound and long-lasting foundation in Civil Engineering with a particular focus on environmental technology. Graduates are properly trained to build the skills to find sustainable solutions to complex environmental problems, allowing society to co-exist with the environment in a sustainable way. Other programs include a Minor Program in Environmental Sustainability and Management and MSc of Science/Graduate Diploma in Environmental Engineering and Management. 
The School of Science offers a BSc in Environmental Science Program. The program provides students with solid training in environmental science with a special focus in ecosystems. It emphasizes a basic understanding of the environment as an integrated system which encompasses air, land and water as well as natural processes and human activities. The Minor Program is designed to provide students with a broader overview of environmental science and conservation. Other programs include a MPhil/PhD in Atmospheric Environmental Science, a MPhil/PhD in Marine Environmental Science and a MSc in Environmental Health and Safety. 
Besides these specifically environmental programs, a number of courses on sustainability issues are also offered across different schools and departments. The Common Core Program is an integral component of the undergraduate curriculum, and offers students a balanced and broad education which nurtures them to be responsible citizens and independent thinkers with the heart and aspiration to excel in their endeavours. Sustainability-related courses are also included in common core courses and school-sponsored courses.
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