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Looking Forward
Environmental Report 2012
Looking Forward
By working with different University departments and the wider community, the Sustainability Unit, ESSCom and related working groups will continue to engage and empower students, staff and faculty alike. The ultimate aim of these efforts is to generate forward-looking and truly innovative ideas and solutions which will turn the HKUST campus into a "living laboratory" for sustainability.  
In the coming year, HKUST will expand the food waste recycling program. Asking students and staff to reduce food waste at source was a good start, now the next step will be to install six food waste composting machines in different catering outlets, which will turn food waste directly into compost for campus use. 
To further stimulate sustainable operations among the different units and University departments, an Environmental Management System will be set up to clearly define roles and responsibilities. A "Green Office" program will be designed to help staff make further gains in energy and resource conservation. Targets will also be set to align these goals with the University's wider sustainability policy. 
These are just two of many initiatives to come.
In 2012, HKUST made enormous strides forward in sustainability and environmental protection. As impressive as these gains are, they are only the beginning. Our vision is greater than simply making our campus as sustainable as possible. The environmental vision we have for HKUST is nothing less than creating a nurturing climate of innovation and research, a climate that will produce graduates who will have the knowledge, experience and tools to create and maintain a sustainable society. 
By working towards this vision, we aim to firmly establish the University as a leader in promoting and contributing to environmental sustainability in the community, and to making this influence felt locally, regionally and globally. This vision is quite extraordinary, but it is also achievable.
A sustainable future holds great promise for the University and for future generations.