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Issue No. 89, Sep 2013
Enriching Research Support Services to the University Community
HKUST Scholarly Publications Database – We have worked with VPRGO to develop this database to index publications authored by HKUST researchers.  By June 2013, it had 50,180 publications, 498 publicly released author profiles, and was accessed 190,787 times.  The research outputs of the University are now easily discoverable.
The database becomes an enriched tool internally for various analysis and reporting and externally by industries and researchers for knowledge discovery.  We have developed SPD APIs to support the Research Outputs Submission System (ROSS) and to help power PAO's revamping of the HKUST Website.  We also developed a program to harvest the cited count records on a frequent automated basis.
RAE 2014 preparation – To prepare for the Research Assessment Exercise, the Library formed an RAE Team.  Team members helped in the design of Research Outputs Submission System (ROSS) interface, created the document repository, programmed the token-based single-sign-on interface, developed the research output de-duplication report mechanism.  We are currently verifying and inputting bibliographic information, obtaining full-text of research outputs, cropping abstracts from full-text, applying for copyright clearance, handling transactional licenses, arranging submission of physical items and liaising with cost centers. The team worked closely with cost centers in both the dry run and the final submission exercises.
Citation Certification Service – Citation metrics are used by many academics and researchers to gauge the influence of their work.  Metrics such as citation count, h-index, and impact factor are quantifiable measures of research output and may help making decisions on promotion, tenure and nomination.
To support our HKUST researchers, the Library provides citation search certification service ( to faculty members who are applying for fellowships and awards from different academic bodies including Academic Sinica, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Royal Society.
Searches are performed on Web of Science and Journal Citation Report databases based on the publication list provided by the faculty members.  A letter with the total number of citing references will also be issued by the Library.  Since its first launch in 2006, the Library has offered more than 100 citation search services to school and faculty.
Authoring workshops by publishers and vendors – We invited four publishers (BioMed Central, Taylor & Francis, The Institute of Physics, and Elsevier) to give different talks to 124 people, mostly PGs.  Two were recorded and made available on streaming video.  The Library received positive feedback from the attendees.
UROP consultation – To help students complete their UROP projects, a total of nine consultation sessions on how to use the best research tools were conducted for students from the departments of ACCT, FINA, CBME and SOSC.