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Issue No. 89, Sep 2013
Equipping Staff with Expertise and Skills
The Library expended much effort to encourage staff development.  Compared to last year, we increased the number of programs attended and enrolments by 138% and 337% respectively.
Professional workshops and conferences – Library staff attended and presented papers at 13 local and 8 overseas conferences/workshops to keep abreast of the latest trends and new technologies in libraries.  The ACRL Information Literacy Immersion Program ( hosted by JULAC and organized by us was also a great success.
Self-organized workshops – We organized 16 on-site workshops including those given by a library director and an academic faculty.  There were also refresher courses to update front-line staff with procedures and service skills.
Staff Retreat – For the first time, we held a Staff Retreat for all Library staff in 2012 to develop a Strategic Plan for 2012-2015, and a Scenario Planning Workshop in 2013.  These allowed our staff to collectively engage in strategic planning and communicate across units.
Staff sharing sessions – 15 staff sharing sessions were held through 2 initiatives:  "Library Connect" provides a platform for Library staff to share their professional works, while the lunch-time "Fun 紛 Cafe" sessions encourage staff socialization around common interests.  
HKUST training programs – Library staff attended 6 training programs organized by HRO, PTC, and ITSC on topics pertaining to their duties. – We offered an Online Software Training Video program via, allowing staff to learn by themselves at their own convenience.
Librarians Engaged in Research – We initiated this program to encourage each librarian to engage in and share their findings on a work-related research topic of their choice.
Presentations/Publications – Librarians actively participated in many professional presentations and publishing activities.  Topics ranged from intra-institutional engagement and the use of e-resources to exploring future directions for academia.