The Inaugural Exhibition of the Hong Kong Chiu Chow Chamber of Commerce Ko Pui Shuen Gallery
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Issue No. 90, Nov 2013
The Inaugural Exhibition of the
Hong Kong Chiu Chow Chamber of Commerce Ko Pui Shuen Gallery


You are probably aware of this semester's changes on the first floor of the Library.  Renovation work was carried out during summer time to convert the space next to the Theses Room into a multi-function gallery.  Opened on 2 October, the inaugural exhibition brings the treasured items of the University Archives and Special Collections to the public.

Inside the display cases are important works of the science discoveries and inventions published hundreds years ago, including classic works by Euclid, Galileo and Newton.  Some of these rare books are quite fragile.  Most of the time they are kept in closed stacks and access to them is restricted.  This is the first time the Library has brought them out for display.


Hung on the wall are antique maps which reflect the cultural exchange between the East and the West.  The world map of 1720 shows California as an island; and the Great Wall was depicted on the first western map of China published in 1584.  At this exhibition you will also see an early Latin translation of Confucius' works and the eight trigrams (bagua 八卦), and the first western illustrated book on Chinese medicine which includes a thorough discussion of Chinese theories of the pulse in health and theories of acupuncture.

Although these books are locked in cases, you can flip through them online via the Rare & Special eZone (  Scan the QR code next to the description and your electronic device will show you the items' digital versions.
This exhibition shows the diversity of the holdings of the Archives and Special Collections.  In addition to antique works, there are university archival materials such as first issues of university newsletters, anniversary publications, stamps commemorating the founding of the university and photos of events in the 90s.  You will also see the original handwritten correspondence by Madame Song Qingling (宋慶齡) and the manuscript by a famous Qing scholar Wang Shizhen (王士禎).
The gallery is named the Hong Kong Chiu Chow Chamber of Commerce Ko Pui Shuen Gallery (香港潮州商會高佩璇展閱廳) to honor our generous donor.  A formal opening ceremony is scheduled in November.  Watch for this and future Gallery events in the Library Blog. Exhibition hours are from 9-5, Monday-Friday.