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Issue No. 90, Nov 2013
My First Impression of the Library
During Library Orientation this fall, we did something new.  We put up a big sticker on the LC Refreshment Zone wall, "My First Impression of the Library" and invited people to let us know what they thought and felt via post-its (sticky notes).
Who wrote? Most were anonymous, but some students and a few visitors volunteered their status.  Over 120 messages appeared on the wall, with some using multiple notes.  About 60% were in English and ~40% in Chinese, with a few in other languages.
What did people have to say?  Overwhelmingly, the messages were enthusiastic and friendly.  Enjoy this small selection.
  • "Never been this excited to go in the Library"
  • "I am first batch UG student graduated in 1994. The expanded and renovated library is really great !!"
  • "A great place to discover the worlds of science and technology – A treasure chest"
  • "I hope that my dream will fly from here"
  • "Great selection of books and movies.  Great place to study! I like the chair."
  • 圖書館書有好多啊! [There are so many books…!]
  • 好摺! 但好舒服! 有牀就更好! [Very comfortable! Much better if there is a bed!]
  • 科大拉巴 LIKE!  [UST library LIKE!]
  • 我在這裡交了好幾個重要的功課, Thanks for this [I finished several important assignments here] 
The most common problem was the temperature – a perennial concern explored in an earlier article. Happily, only a few other complaints were made.