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Issue No. 90, Nov 2013
E-Discovery Week
To promote the under-standing, visibility and use of quality electronic resources among staff and students, the Library staged an "E-Discovery Week" from 2-4 October.  Varied learning activities, including database training, vendor exhibition and e-resources quizzes, were organized.
Eight workshops were held introducing resources and familiarizing users with them. E-resources were carefully chosen to balance the subject interests of all Schools.  Apart from local trainers, some came from Singapore, Australia and Mainland China, introducing the coverage, special features and tips on smart searching of designated e-resources.
Hands-on practice was also provided.  To encourage attendance, each participant could enter the E-Discovery Challenge to win prizes by completing a short quiz at the end of each workshop.  Completed quizzes with all correct answers were entered into the Lucky Draw.  Staff and students could maximize their chance to win a prize by coming to more workshops and taking more quizzes.
An E-resources Exhibition Day was held on 4 October.  Students and staff were invited to visit the 12 exhibition booths and learn more about the featured E-resources.  Participants were encouraged to take part in the E-Discovery Challenge by taking a paper quiz distributed on site and completing all the questions.  Booth owners and library staff assisted whenever they needed help.  Attendees verified their answers with booth owners or library staff.  Each participant was allowed to submit one completed quiz with all correct answers for the Lucky Draw.
The Library was pleased to have a high participation rate for the 3-day event. There were 215 attendees at the training workshops and hundreds of students and staff visited the exhibition booths. 392 completed quizzes with all correct answers were submitted for the E-Discovery Challenge to compete for 22 prizes sponsored by the 12 vendors. Prizes were tempting, including 2 Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, 2 iPad 4, 2 Nexus 7, 4 iPad mini, and more.
After the Lucky Draw, the Library invited all winners to attend a Prize Presentation Ceremony on 11 October.  "To Learn.  To Search.  To Win." is the spirit of  E-Discovery Week.  Users are encouraged to explore and understand more about Library licensed E-resources that are useful for learning and teaching. We look forward to organising more interactive and interesting events in the future.