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Issue No. 90, Nov 2013
Art Dimensions (薈藝空間)
Starting this new semester you may have noticed quite a different look in parts of the Library.  Walls and spaces in the Learning Commons and on LG4 are decorated with stunning artworks in different media formats. These are actually selected HKUST student artworks from our Art Dimensions program, a joint initiative of the Library and the Undergraduate Core Education Team.
Current exhibits are outstanding works by students from the Common Core Programs, including Introduction to Chinese Calligraphy, Introduction to Photography, Introduction to Experimental Drawing, Contemporary Approach to Painting, and Introduction to Installation Art.  More artworks will be added on other library floors as part of our continuous effort to boost student arts on campus.  In addition to the physical display, these works are also posted on an online platform ( developed jointly by students and Library staff.
We invite you to enjoy these fabulous pieces the next time you visit the Library.  You can also directly engage yourself in the Art Dimensions program by sharing your comments and communicating with the student artists online.  Your engagement will be a great support to the student artists in their  journey of exploring the world through new dimensions of art.
The Library also welcomes student artworks from all HKUST departments/units to help enrich the exhibits. Contact us at for details.