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Learning Commons Souvenir Mug
Issue No. 90, Nov 2013
Learning Commons Souvenir Mug
Do you bring tea or coffee with you while studying in the Library?  To protect Library facilities and collections, you must use a spill-proof container for your drink. Don't have one?  You can now get this sharp-looking Learning Commons souvenir mug at our cost of just $75!  We make no profit, and you can embrace greener and more sustainable living.  The mug is spill-proof (rigorously tested) with excellent thermal retention and a good grip, keeping hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.
This is the first souvenir to have the newly designed Chevalier Learning Commons logo, featuring the characteristic "Tree of Knowledge" light fixtures.  You can buy the mug at the Circulation Counter on the ground floor.  This is a limited edition, so get one before they are sold out!