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Issue 25 (Fall 2013-14)

A warm welcome to the PG UPDATE Newsletter!

The Office of Postgraduate Studies (PGSO) is pleased to present the first issue of its newsletter to you after the re-naming of the office.  With effect from Fall 2013/14, PGSO, formerly the Postgraduate Studies Administration Team, reports to the Vice-President for Research and Graduate Studies (VP-RG).  Our office is responsible for coordinating a wide range of matters related to postgraduate studies including outreach and admissions, PG policies and regulations, curricular matters and others. 
This newsletter aims to provide useful information, both academic and social, to assist students in their Postgraduate studies. We hope you will enjoy reading it!  Further information can also be found in our newly rolled out website,
If you have any feedback or suggestions on the newsletter, please send us an email at
Office of Postgraduate Studies