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Issue 25 (Fall 2013-14)
Professional Development Courses for RPg Students
Beginning Fall Term 2013/14, Professional Development Courses (PDC) have been incorporated into the curriculum of all MPhil and PhD programs.  All newly admitted research postgraduate (RPg) students of the 2013/14 cohort are required to take PDC courses.
The offering of PDC courses is in line with University's mission to enhance RPg education.  Beyond the research thesis, RPg students need a comprehensive set of professional skills for their personal growth and career development.  The courses have been designed to help equip and enrich RPg students with essential non-academic attributes and skills, including ethics and research integrity, presentation and writing skills, teaching skills and career preparation etc.  The course requirements vary from school to school.  Please click here to find out more about PDC.
To assist students in satisfying their PDC requirements, a customized online administrative system that allows viewers to access course descriptions and requirements, enrolled course activities, and study progress, has been designed.  Access details of the system can be viewed here.