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Issue No. 91, Feb 2014
Upcoming Library Exhibitions

Since the beginning, the Library has advocated for arts education on campus, notably through art exhibitions. We have organized many successful exhibits and extended activities such as gallery tours and guest talks, receiving much positive feedback.

This spring, the Library will stage two exhibitions on ceramics:

道器相成 : 中國古代陶瓷與社會文化
Splendor of the Past: The Spirit & Form of Ancient Chinese Ceramics (13 Feb - 13 April)

In collaboration with the School of Humanities, about 60 precious Chinese antiques from Neolithic period
新石器時代 (4,000 B.C.) to Qing Dynasty 清 (1644 - 1911) will be exhibited in the Library’s new Hong Kong Chiu Chow Chamber of Commerce Ko Pui Shuen Gallery. The exhibits are generously provided by Mr Francis Li, Founder of Curator International Art Consultant Ltd and Program Director of Savantas Liberal Arts Academy. A number of teaching activities have been planned in conjunction with this exhibition; including tours, public talks and student projects and presentations. This exhibition is not only the first antique exhibition in the Library, but is also the first time that our exhibition is included as part of an art course requirement.

The Opening Ceremony is on 13 Feb at 4:30 pm in the Hong Kong Chiu Chow Chamber of Commerce Ko Pui Shuen Gallery

High-Temperature Wood-Fired Ceramics by Lin Rui-hua (20 Feb - 21 April)
As the second generation owner of the Taiwan "Zhunan Snake Kiln (竹南蛇窯)", Mr Lin Rui-hua has been pursuing the art of high-temperature wood firing for over a decade. In 2012, he broke his own record of making high-temperature woodfired ceramics at 1516oC. For the first time, Mr Lin will introduce this ancient art to Hong Kong via our Library. The exhibits will center on 3 themes: Pulse (脈), Triple-ridged Jar (三稜罐) and Taiwan, the Precious Island (寶島台灣). Mr Lin will also hold demonstrations of Pinching Technique ceramics (手擠坏) and a talk on High-Temperature Wood - Fired Ceramics in addition to Gallery Tours. These activities will also be a part of an art course requirement.
The Opening will be 20 Feb at 3pm in the Ping Yuan and Kinmay W Tang Gallery, Library.
Don't miss the chance to view these extraordinary exhibitions and join the tours/talks. Stay tuned on our announcements!