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Issue No. 92, April 2014
Collection Spotlight: Popular Books
Take a break from your busy schedule and grab a good book to balance out.  Come visit our Popular Book Corner on Library G/F.  Browse among Hong Kong interests, novels, biographies, travelogues and picture books.  A range of bestsellers and award winners is beckoning.  New arrivals will be on display on the New Books Shelves opposite the Information Desk. When the shelving capacity of the Popular Corner reaches its limit, older books will be shifted to the general Book Collection on LG3 and LG4.  It is easy to dig up these good reads via the Library Catalog. Watch the How to find popular books video for a few simple steps
And don't forget our hugely popular Kindle lending service.  Launched in April 2013 with 100 titles in 10 Kindles, the service was doubled in October to 200 titles in 20 Kindles.  The new batch contains Chinese titles too.  New English titles are grouped into 3 themes: Success and Self-Improvement; People and Places; and Science and Technology.  Our Kindle traffic has remained high. The total check-outs and holds over 11 months were 432 and 275 respectively.  If your desired Kindle is not immediately available, don’t be discouraged.  The loan period is one week, so the waiting time should be reasonable.  Kindle loans can be renewed once if there is no one in the queue.
Whether print or Kindle version, the Library will have something for you. For more detail visit Any recommendations can be emailed to