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Issue No. 92, April 2014
Engaging Students: A Creative and Collaborative Experience
To design effective library space and services, users' input is essential.  For students, our major group of users, study needs and learning behaviors keep changing at a fast pace.  In order to keep our services updated and relevant, the Library actively listens to students' views in our planning process.
This Spring, among the many projects that the Library is embarking on, students' input is particularly crucial in two of them: the Library Spaces Enhancement, and the Library Website Revamp.  The first project involves upgrading some of the study space on 1/F and LG1; while the latter is about redesigning the Library's main web presence.  On the other hand, the Library is researching how to promote access to, and use of, the Library's collections; and the first step we are taking is to explore students' reading habits and patterns of library use.
A series of creative workshops were held in early March to solicit students' ideas on these projects.  About 80 students participated in 6 workshops.  Through interactive activities, they put forward their designs of an ideal library space or library website.  In the Study Space Design Workshops, students first used mind mapping to express their learning activities and space needs; with that, they discussed and prioritized their needs, then designed their ideal library space on the floor plans provided.  In the Web Design Workshops, participating students explored their web habits, discussed desirable new features for the Library website, and redesigned the Library home page.  The comments we received confirmed quite a few of students' behaviors and needs that we have known all along, yet there were a lot of novel and interesting ideas brought out as well.
For the collections' access study, we will conduct focus groups with students in early April, so watch for our message and join in!