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Issue No. 92, April 2014
Wifi & Mobile Printing in the Library
The Library continues to pioneer printing options for users on campus. First it was the provision of software drivers for all Windows and Macintosh computers.  Now we have worked with our primary copier/printer/scanner vendor to test and deploy printing apps for Android and Apple iOS devices!
Now from almost any wireless/mobile device you can print to any of six Library machines.  These are the 4 on the ground floor, and the two in the Learning Commons on LG1.
The iOS and Android Apps are quite sophisticated, providing a variety of options and access to many settings - including switching between portrait and landscape mode, duplex printing, and selection of color vs black & white.  The initial installation and setup of the apps from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store can be a bit cumbersome, but once the defaults are configured, subsequent printing is quite simple.  Note that you can access and print most documents from your Dropbox or Google Drive services, in addition to webpages and files on your device.
For more details, and for direct links to download the software for laptops and mobile devices, visit