Service Improvement by Listening
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Fall 2014
Service Improvement by Listening
Theresa Lo
Assistant Director (Services & Administration)
As the central IT service unit of HKUST, how can we improve our services to meet the needs of our users?

This is a core question we always want to ask and hear from you, our users, so that we could improve our services in the way that best fit your needs!

To hear from you, we carried out a Students IT Services Survey in mid April and an overwhelming response from over 2,100 students were received. The survey covered 12 IT services that are commonly used by students, including Computer Barns, Wi-Fi connection, campus email, PRS, student dormitory network, etc. Participating students were asked to rate their satisfaction with these services and provide us with written comments in free format. We received over 4,000 written comments. Although it did take us some time to go through them word by word, it was definitely worthwhile and comments were truly valuable to us.

Likewise, a Staff IT Services Survey was launched in mid May. Over 500 staff members responded with over 300 written comments. The survey covered 13 service areas, including campus email, teaching venues support, Service Desk, cybersecurity, telephone, etc.

In addition, we have worked closely with Students' Union during this summer, on suggestions they collected from students. Based on these feedbacks, our colleagues have been prioritizing, planning and implementing improvements in various services. Some of these improvements, such as those in our Computer Barns, are already implemented and covered in other articles of this issue of Channel. There are some others that we are still working on. Nevertheless, we would like to thank Students' Union and all those who have taken time to participate in the surveys and have provided us with valuable suggestions and comments. These inputs truly help us shape the IT Services at HKUST.

A summary of our overall service ratings is shown in the diagram. The mean ratings of overall user satisfaction for staff and students are 3.94 and 3.79 (out of a 5-point scale) respectively. We certainly hope to improve our services and user satisfaction ratings on a continual basis. Please do send us an email at if you have any comments or suggestions!

Last but not least, 7 survey participants were drawn out by Mr Michael Cheng, Director of Purchasing Office, to receive a gift as a token of appreciation. They have kindly given us consent to share their happy photos when receiving a Redmi mobile phone sponsored by the Dean of Students. Hope you will be among the lucky participants next time!

5 Winners Participating in Student Survey
2 Winners Participating in Staff Survey