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Fall 2014
Updates on Virtual Computer Barn
William Wan
Head of Teaching Technologies

Besides going to the 4 computer barns located on campus, do you know you can also get access to the licensed software provided in computer barns (e.g. Visual Studio, SPSS, Matlab, Autocad, etc.) remotely using the Virtual Computer Barn service?

ITSC has completed a major upgrade of the Virtual Computer Barn service in summer. You will experience a shorter time to log on, faster and smoother connection no matter you are on campus, at home or even on the road. You can access the Virtual Computer Barn using different kinds of smart device running OS X, iOS or Android, besides Microsoft Windows.

The Virtual Computer Barn consists of 3 different pools of virtual desktop machines and each pool is installed with different selections of software. Simply double-click on the desired pool and it will launch the virtual desktop that is similar to the one you use in the computer barns.

For more details about the use of the Virtual Computer Barn and the software available in each pool, please refer to the Virtual Barn User Guide.