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Let's make the Computer Barn a better place!
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Fall 2014
Let's make the Computer Barn a better place!
William Wan
Head of Teaching Technologies
Responding to the valuable feedbacks obtained from the recent IT Services Surveys as well as subsequent discussions with Students' Union, we are pleased to announce that the following improvements have been introduced to different Computer Barns on campus during the summer time:
  • New scanners installed in Barn B and D such that you can scan documents or photos to your USB thumb drive without using a PC

  • Printers at Barn B relocated near the entrance area and printers are grouped into 3 print queues with load balancing to optimize the printing efficiency

  • Print monitors at Barn B replaced with 3 set of 42” TV to show both queueing jobs and finished jobs with the printer name

  • Express Terminals relocated in Barn B to free up more floor space

  • New PCs deployed in Barn C and for Express Terminals to provide better performance with faster CPU and solid state hybrid drive as well as free up more desk space

  • Added power sockets for charging your phone / tablet or notebook in Barn C

  • New software tool to show the print budget balance and notify you after a print job has been completed with the printer name

  • New print queue installation tool to help you print to any satellite or computer barn printers with your own notebook

  • A more powerful black-and-white laser printer installed at Barn D

  • Enhancement of print budget purchase tool to allow top-up value from $5-$100

  • Barn B and D opening hour on Sat changed from 8:45am to 8:15am

You may refer to the following for an up-to-date list of software installed at Computer Barns:

ITSC is committed to quality services and continuous improvement. Your comments and suggestions are most welcome and will assist us in further improving our services.

Let's make the Computer Barn a better place!

Editor's Note:
In just two weeks' time, we have already received quite a few constructive feedbacks from students as well as Students' Union on how the new printer arrangement can be further optimized. With your new input, more improvement will be forthcoming!

Scanner in Barn B and D
New Arrangement of Printers in Barn B
New Small-Footprint PC in Barn C
Print Queue Installation Tool