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Academic Integrity
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Issue 26 (Fall 2014-15)
Academic Integrity
The University is a community designed for scholarship for learning, teaching and research.  In a community of scholars, academic integrity and honesty are critical values.  All students who join HKUST are committed to the Academic Honor Code.
The HKUST Academic Honor Code
  • Honesty and integrity are central to the academic work of HKUST.  Students of the University must observe and uphold the highest standards of academic integrity and honesty in all the work they do throughout their program of study.
  • As members of the University community, students have the responsibility to help maintain the academic reputation of HKUST in its academic endeavors.
  • Sanctions will be imposed on students, if they are found to have violated the regulations governing academic integrity and honesty.
The University places a strong emphasis on academic integrity and has set out regulations to back this up.  Please refer to the Academic Regulations for full details of the University’s regulations for student conduct and academic integrity.
Resources for students to learn about how they can avoid cheating and plagiarism can be found on the website of Office of Academic Quality and Undergraduate Studies.