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Issue No. 95, February 2015
Training Activities for Librarians from Mainland China
In November 2014, the Library hosted a study week for a group of 8 librarians from Mainland China.  Coming from different university libraries in Guangdong and Shanghai, these professionals were eager to learn how academic libraries in Hong Kong operate.  They stayed one week at HKUST, visiting the Library every day and meeting librarians of our different units.  They found it an enriching and fruitful experience.
The visitors came from Guangdong Open University (廣東開放大學), South China University of Technology (華南理工大學), Guangdong University of Technology (廣東工業大學), Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (廣州美術學院), Guangdong Ocean University (廣東海洋大學), Guangdong Polytechnic Normal University (廣東技術師範學院) and Shanghai Normal University (上海師範大學).  They focused on all areas of service functions of the Library.  During the week, they talked with various HKUST librarians on designing, maintaining and managing learning space, offering collection and access services, creating digital projects, operating technical services, and library management and leadership. They also observed our daily work.  In addition, we arranged for in-depth tours at HKU Libraries and CUHK Libraries.
As a roundup of this study week, the visitors told us about their libraries, and shared their feelings and thoughts.  Many of them observed the contrasts of the operation and management of the HKUST Library as compared to the style common among higher institutions in the Mainland. The visit gave them inspiration to advance library services in their home institutions.  As the host, the Library enjoyed the intellectual exchange, and was glad the program had a positive impact.  We will be receiving similar study groups in the future.