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Issue No. 95, February 2015
Rendering Nature: Paintings by Chow Chian-chiu and Chow Leung Chen-ying
Following the exhibition of paintings by our young alumna Jeannie Leung in the Ping Yuan and Kinmay W Tang Gallery, the Library is organizing an exhibition of Chinese paintings by two renowned artists of Lingnan School of painting, Chow Chian-chiu and Chow Leung Chen-ying.  Scheduled to open in March, this exhibition is a collaboration of the Library and the Institute for Advanced Study.
Mr Chow (1910-2006) was born in Panyu, Guangdong and was a student of painter Chao Shao An (趙少昂) and poet Huang Zhuqu (黃祝蕖).  Mrs Chow (1921-2005) was born in Guangzhou, Guangdong and was a graduate of Guilin Art Teachers College.  They were married in 1944 and moved to Hong Kong and founded the International Studio of Chinese Art in 1949.  Over the next two decades, they taught over two thousand students of many different nationalities and their works were exhibited worldwide including the UK, Japan, New Zealand and North America.  The couple immigrated to the US in 1968.  From then until they retired in 2004, they lectured and held exhibitions at over 20 universities.
Mr Chow is accomplished in painting landscapes, birds, flowers and animals; depicting the scenes from his worldwide travels.  Mrs Chow concentrates on various types of elegant flowers.  Due to this specialization, many of their works are results of their joint efforts.
The Chows' accomplishments won them numerous honors, both as artists and teachers of Chinese painting.  Their art books Easy Ways to Do Chinese Painting and Chinese Painting: A Comprehensive Guide were regarded highly with more than two million copies sold.  Their works are widely held by museums, universities and collectors.
Both the Library and IAS are extremely honored to have received from Professor Chee-woo and Grace Chow's (周齊武教授伉儷) donations of their late parents' works.  In conjunction with the exhibition, a demonstration by Mr Lam Wu-fui (林湖奎), a prominent member of the Lingnan School of painting in Hong Kong, cum a talk by Dr Anna Kwong (鄺綺顏), Program Director of Center for the Arts, has been planned.  Stay tuned for details.