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Data Curation Training Program
Issue No. 95, February 2015
Data Curation Training Program
Big Data is a hot topic.  In order to prepare us to learn how to manage, preserve and archive research data, the Library will host a 3-day Data Curation Training Program in its Multifunction Room and E-Learning Classrooms on Feb 25-27.  It is co-organized by the Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) and the Division of Information and Technology Studies, Faculty of Education, University of Hong Kong.
Our Library has collaborated with the organizers in conjunction with JULAC in planning such a program to meet the increasing need of academic librarians to learn data curation and related theories, techniques and best practices.
The program will include keynotes, lectures, case studies, hands-on lab exercises and online interactive sessions.  Instructors include experienced data scientists Prof J Stephen Downie, Mr Nicholas Weber and Ms Andrea Thomer from UIUC and Dr Xiao Hu from HKU.
The training is designed for these outcomes:
  1. To understand Data Management Lifecycles 
  2. To develop data management plans
  3. To select and assess data management tools and repository systems
  4. To select and adapt standards for data management, and to utilize existing tools such as data management plan tool, Google Refine, etc.
  5. To use tools/approaches for data storage and access
  6. To better understand digital objects, contextualizing digital objects and accounting for data provenance
Over sixty academic librarians will participate, including forty from Hong Kong and twenty from Mainland, Macao, Singapore and Taiwan.  This will provide a good opportunity for librarians to share their campus needs on research data management and to network for collaborative ventures.  Our Library will help researchers to archive and preserve their datasets in the HKUST Scholarly Publications Database.