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Sustainability Report 2013-14
We are pleased to present this sustainability report for the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology for the 2013-14 academic year. This is the 14th report dating back to 2000, and continues the tradition of presenting the work and accomplishments of all of the members of the HKUST community in creating the conditions that allow for sustainable development on campus.  Last year for the first time, the report became an "e-reader," which made it more easily accessible and user-friendly for online readers.  This year we continue to adjust the report to make it more illustrative, responsive, and – we hope – more enjoyable.  Some notable changes in this report include:
  • More data and performance metrics so that we can track progress and trends as we move forward.  
  • More in-depth descriptions and analysis of noteworthy activities occurring on campus, with "spotlights" to give a better flavor of the activities.
  • A new section highlighting the increasing role of academics and research in terms of using the campus as a "living laboratory."
It became clear as we developed the report that universities run on their own calendars; students arrive in August fresh and excited, and leave at the end of May tired, but exhilarated and full of new knowledge and experiences.  The stories that exemplify sustainability at HKUST also track this natural academic calendar, so we broke with the tradition of previous reports and moved from an annual report based on a calendar year to an annual report based on our academic year.  Therefore, this report reflects the activities that occurred from July 2013 through June 2014.  
Finally, even with changes to the look, the editorial content, and the timing of this report, one thing remains the same; the report is only possible due to the excellent work and dedication of members of this broad and creative HKUST community.