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Issue No. 96, Apr 2015
Library Book Talks
On April 14, Mr Peter Lau, Publisher of Asia One Books, will give a talk on Challenges and Opportunities of Art Book Publishing in Hong Kong.
Publishing is never easy and publishing art books in Hong Kong is even more challenging.  Since founding Asia One Books in 1997, Mr Lau has led his company in creating illustrative books representing the city's art scene as it develops – documenting its fascinating stories while bringing wider exposure to Hong Kong's most talented artists, photographers, illustrators and designers.  Each publication can be regarded as a work of art in itself, which is created with unstinting dedication to craftsmanship in design, colour management and printing.
Mr Lau will share with us his vision and experience of working with legendary photographers like Fan Ho, Michael Wolf and Daido Moriyama, and also emerging artists such as Jeanie Leung and KC Kwan (Winner of the First Hong Kong Photo Book Awards).
Mr Thomas Ng, Director of the HKUST Publishing Technology Center, will be the moderator of the talk.  For details visit
In March we had the honor of having Mr Sin Kwok Lam (冼國林) to give a book talk on "冼國林拆解詠春竅門" (Wing Chun Martial Arts: Principles and Techniques).  That evening, Mr Sin explained the basic concepts, principles, and techniques to the myths of Wing Chun.  He also shared his insights on the practical application of Wing Chun, as well as stories on how this martial arts inspired his personal and professional life.  Being the first Library book talk on martial arts, it has given us a glimpse to and stimulated much interest in one of the most popular Chinese martial arts.