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Issue No. 96, Apr 2015
Closing the Loop – Using Feedback!
In 2014, the Library conducted three different groups of activities to collect users' views on various library services and facilities: the series of Focus Group Meetings on Library Space and Collection were open discussions with students on the use of the Library; three design workshops on learning space and three on library website structure invited students to share with us their design ideas from scratch.
All these feedbacks were considered by the Library for prompt action or future planning.  For example, as a result of the focus group feedback, the Course Reserve loan rules were changed, and a more eye-catching popular reading bookshelf was installed.  On the other hand, some design ideas in the learning space workshops helped shape the choice of furniture in the Library 1/F and LG1 enhancement that was just completed in February.
The website design project is still in progress.  When it reaches the design stage, the Library will make use of the student ideas collected in the web design workshops.
We want to thank all of you who participated in those focus groups and design workshops.  They really helped us improve Library facilities and services.
For a detailed report of the activities, the ideas collected, and subsequent actions the Library took, you can check these pages:
Library Space and Collection Focus Groups:
Library Learning Space Design Workshops: