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Issue No. 96, Apr 2015
Easy E-Reading: Download & Enjoy
Reading online should be easy, but sometimes it presents frustrations.  The Library has bought or subscribes to many e-book packages – but not all of them allow the full download to your own device for easy off-line e-reading.
To promote reading in general, and e-reading in particular, starting in late March, the Library is promoting Easy E-reading from those collections of e-books that allow unlimited concurrent users and easy full-download functions.  This will allow the HKUST community to download and read wherever they are, during mid-term break and beyond.
This idea has been successfully implemented on the Bucharest metro system ( and the Austrian city of Klagenfurt ( in 2012,  and recently on the subway in Beijing (
How will it be promoted at HKUST?  Mainly via physical posters with QR codes, although there is also an all e-book Collection Highlights page at  We hope to continue making the campus an extension of the library, so HKUST community members can enjoy some e-books, any time and any place.