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Issue No. 97, Sep 2015
Join Over 300 HKUST Researchers To Get Your ORCID iD!
An ORCID iD is a unique researcher identifier that helps you to distinguish your scholarly activities from those of others with similar names.  More and more institutions and publishers worldwide recognize and use ORCID iDs in their communication with and evaluation of researchers.
You may obtain an iD for free via ORCID, the non-profit organization that maintains this international registry of identifiers.  However, being from HKUST, you have a better option!  Using the HKUST-ORCID registration system, you can create or sign in your ORCID iD with your HKUST login.  In a few clicks, you can connect your HKUST Scholar Profile with the ORCID record (Professors), or load your publications from SPRS to the ORCID profile (RPG students).
For professors, having your research output synchronized in both ORCID and HKUST Scholar Profile maintains a consistent web presence.  For research students, registration sets up a public researcher profile to launch your research career.
By July 2015, 80 faculty members and 286 RPG students had created ORCID iDs using this system.  Join them now:
To find out more about this service, visit: