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Issue No. 98, Nov 2015
Collection Spotlight: Popular Books
Sometimes you want to move your eyes away from smartphones and tablets, and connect with the world in a different way.  Grab something from our popular book collection.  Or check out one of 20 Kindles pre-loaded with a wide range of English and Chinese bestsellers.  By popular demand, Kindles can now be borrowed for two weeks, with up to two renewals.
Our print Popular Books collection has grown to 2,000 titles.  The most current are in the Pop Book Corner next to the magazine/newspaper area on G/F.  Due to shelving limits, older pop books are kept on LG3 and LG4.  To browse all titles via PowerSearch, select "genre/form" from the pull-down menu and type "popular book."  Happy serendipity!
The top 10 most sought-after pop books in 2015 included novels by just four authors: 章詒和, 劉慈欣, George R. R. Martin, and 7 slots by 東野圭吾, the Japanese master of crime and mystery!  Nothing is more satisfying than a mystery solved.
Fancy a horror story set in the Library?  圖書館奇譚 (Pop Books PL856.U673 F8712 2014), a story by 村上春樹, sends shivers up your spine.  Beware of secret passages in the Library! 
Our pop book collection is equally strong in Hong Kong interests.  We have a dizzying range of books on old Hong Kong, stamps and trams, hiking trails, food and dining, and social and political reflections.  High-use titles include 地產霸權 (Book HD943.2 .P6612 2010), The leisurely hiker's guide to Hong Kong (Pop Books DS796.H73 S682 2007), 默默向上游 :香港五十年代社會影像 (Pop Books DS796.H75 Z445 2014),and 世界中心的貧民窟 : 香港重慶大廈 (Pop Books DS796.H78 C4812 2013)
The last 2 books are featured in Phoenix Putonghua TV series 開卷8分鐘 which introduces a good book in each episode.  Over 400 online videos of 開卷8分鐘 are available via Wanfang Videos, and most of the books featured are in our collection.
How to find popular books?: