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Issue No. 98, Nov 2015
Library Marketing
Like other organizations, the Library has for many years developed marketing plans to promote resources to users.  But developing an effective marketing plan can be daunting.  To engage with users through communication strategies that make library collections and services more visible, more used, and better attuned to user needs, the Library has to come up with different creative marketing ideas.  By using numerous types of promotional materials we have increased visibility for regular library users, and are potentially grabbing the interest of less frequent visitors.  In 2015, the Library carried out two new marketing initiatives, namely I love e-Reading and Cheering Bags.
To cultivate the reading habits of students, the Library launched the I love e-Reading program in April.  Thirty-five e-books (mainly novels) were selected for this leisure reading activity, and students could download these onto their mobile devices via QR codes.  776 downloads were recorded during a two-month period.
The Library also partnered with the Student Affairs Office to run study breaks and counseling services during exam periods in recent years. This year the Library also distributed 500 Cheering Bags during finals in May. These small gift bags held stationary items like post-it pads and highlighters; students also found coffee mix and Mentos.  The Library aimed to help students relieve stress, stay focused, and get energized during this harsh period.
While the Library will continue to reach out users through a wide assortment of channels, it makes little sense to promote services or collections without first determining what users need, want, and expect. In coming month, the Library will conduct LibQual survey – an online survey that gives users a chance to tell the Library about their needs and expectations.  Survey results will be released in 2016.