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Issue No. 98, Nov 2015
Top Library Accomplishments 2014-15
For the past several years, the Library has held annual staff retreats, where staff consider the past year, and plan for the future.  One of the things we explore is what we have done that has made a difference to our library users: you.  Here are some highlights of last year.  We hope they made a difference to you.  You can see more at
Longer hours & Bigger Loan Quota
In response to your requests, the Library added 2 hours on Saturday (staying open until 9pm) which brings us to 98 open hours per week. Faculty and research staff also had their loan quotas increased to 150 books at a time.
Increased e-book purchases
You all used more e-articles than ever, 20% more than last year (total of 1,950,125); and downloaded 935,545 chapters.  To support and encourage this use, we bought another 48,545 e-books for you, many in Chinese.  Learn more about how to use the e-book collections:
3-D Printing Service
Last year we launched a 3-D printing service for all users from every department and unit, students, staff, or faculty.  Since fall 2014, you made 198 3-D print requests, with a 75% success rate.  The Library has recently expanded the service and now has 2 printers (MakerBot and UpBox), using PLA filament, a biodegradable polymer.  Learn more about the service at: 
Library Learning Space Enhancements
Major renovation work on 1/F and LG1 improved student learning space:
  • Increased seating 12% overall (57% increase on LG1).
  • Renovated Media zone on LG1 – also spill-over 24 hour space starting with 2015 spring exam period.
  • On 1/F the Thesis Room was upgraded and fitted out as a "deep quiet" study spot.
  • Doubled the power sockets on 1/F & LG1.
  • Created a new Idea Wall for students to freely share ideas, jokes, and drawings.