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"Einstein in Hong Kong"

Partnering with the Consulate General of Switzerland in Hong Kong, swissnex China, Hong Kong Science Museum and the Education Bureau, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology presents "Einstein in Hong Kong" from April to August 2011 to promote fundamental sciences to the local community.

All programs feature Albert Einstein (1879-1955), the scientific genius and theoretical physicist. Special emphasis are placed on providing a vivid, overall introduction of his life and times.

As part of the all-embracing campaign, the Institute for Advanced Study of HKUST hosted an international conference on "Cosmology since Einstein" to address the latest scientific issues that are influenced by the work of Einstein. Speakers include 24 world-renowned cosmologists and relativists from Mainland China, Japan, France, Switzerland, U.K. and U.S.

The School of Science of HKUST (SSCI) staged an Einstein fair on campus to encourage the community to understand and appreciate Einstein’s work and great ideas through an array of games, book exhibition and public talks. To further engage the community, SSCI ran a series of scientific/ mathematics interactive day camps and a science writing workshop inviting Dennis Overbye, author of "Einstein in Love: A Scientific Romance", for primary and secondary school students. In order to enhance student’s learning experience, SSCI partners with the Education Bureau to host a science essay competition named “Letters to Einstein” to invite entries from local secondary school where winners may have a chance to recite what they want to say to Einstein at an award presentation ceremony.

As Einstein was a great lover of music and an accomplished violinist, the School of Humanities and Social Science of HKUST hosted a music workshop on "The Intimacy and Creativity". Being first of its kind, the music workshop is devoted to promoting an intimate dialogue between world renowned composers and performers with "Arts and Sciences" as a major theme. Under the direction of Prof Bright Sheng, internationally-acclaimed composer, pianist and conductor, selected composers presented and, after in-depth discussions between composers and performers during on-campus rehearsals, revised their chamber music compositions. The revised compositions were presented in concerts at HKUST and at the Concert Hall of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

A special feature exhibition entitled "Albert Einstein (1879-1955)" at the Hong Kong Science Museum exhibits over 200 objects and other documents depicting Einstein’s life and his contributions to science. Apart from shedding light on Einstein’s biography and putting it in the context of world history, the exhibition provides insight into his revolutionary ideas in modern physics. The exhibition was originated from the Historical Museum of Bern, Switzerland, commemorating the centenary of the theory of relativity in 2005.

In 1999, Time Magazine named Albert Einstein as "Person of the Century". To date, Einstein is admired and revered as a genius in physics as well as an influential humanist. "Einstein in Hong Kong" is a golden opportunity for those who like to have a comprehensive understanding of this great figure whose scientific findings and inventions have had a profound impact on the society today.

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