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International Games Night

HKUST Business School’s first-ever "International Games Night" was held successfully in the evening of 11 October 2010. Over 60 local BBA and exchange-in students participated in this fun-filled event organized by the Exchange Activities Committee (EAC). It was one of the Committee’s many activities to encourage cultural exchange and provide a gateway for exchange-in students and local students to mingle and foster stronger friendships.

On this very special International Games Night, students were first divided into groups of 10 and the excitement immediately kicked off with an icebreaking game "Tangram", the oldest Chinese puzzle well-known to students from all parts of the world. The night filled with several rounds of Movie Charades, Chinese Chess, Flying Chess, Shuttlecock, Chinese Checkers, Texas Hold ‘em Poker and Blackjack. These games originate from different countries and each student had a chance to learn new games from group mates and in turn teach new friends games they know. It was a great opportunity for local students to improve English communication skills as well. 

After a series of games together, it was time for the students to show some team spirit! Highlight of the night was a "mummy wrapping game" which required group members to work together and wrap one of their group mates with toilet paper. Students had a lot of fun in this fast-paced game.  Friendship strengthened, understanding deepened, the International Games Night ended with students leaving the room with big smiles.

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