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Knowledge without Border Seminar Series

With today’s rapid technological advances and societal changes, students need to have an all-round development to increase their competitiveness. To help students acquire knowledge beyond their academic studies, the School of Science first introduced Knowledge without Border Seminar Series in 2009, covering topics on culture, politics, economics, environmental development and more. The seminars provide a platform for students to discuss and to reflect on issues that are closely related to their everyday life and increase their critical thinking abilities.

Recognizing that opportunities for whole person development are equally important to current and prospective HKUST students, the Knowledge without Border Seminar Series are open to UST and secondary school students alike. During the Fall Semester of 2010, some secondary school students had attended the seminars "Successful Leaders' Book of Secrets" (「領袖秘笈」) and "Megatrends and The Shift of Powers between East and West" (「大趨勢與東西方勢力的轉移」), and used the chance to understand more about post-secondary education.

Students from St Paul's Co-Educational College, La Salle College and Diocesan Boys’ School attended the "Successful Leaders' Book of Secrets" seminar, for which Mr. Dick Lee Ming-Kwai, former Commissioner of Police, was the speaker. Mr. Lee shared with the students what a leader must do: have integrity, be a role model, and actively communicate. He inspired students on how to be a convincing leader: by having benevolence when they are in a top position (「居高懷仁」) and perform their best. Mr. Lee's advice had benefited the students, especially those who were working for the student societies, where they could apply their leadership skills.

Famous Hong Kong financial columnist Mr. Cho Yan Chiu was the speaker of "Megatrends and The Shift of Powers between East and West". Mr. Cho talked about the pattern of climatic changes and its influence on the economies around the globe. He then analyzed and explained in simple terms future economic development in the East and West. Students from Cheung Chuk Shan College and Queen’s College were invited to the seminar, where they had the opportunity to acquire knowledge outside their course curriculum. The talk had increased students’ understanding of the economy, preparing them for entering the society and future career development.

To further facilitate exchange of ideas, the School of Science had also arranged for recommended students from the above-mentioned secondary schools to have dinner with the speakers after the seminars. Students used the opportunity to ask questions and shared ideas, gaining even more knowledge that adds to this valuable learning experience.

Knowledge is infinite; there is never a limit of what we can learn. School of Science will continue to organize Knowledge without Border Seminar Series in Spring 2011. This learning opportunity will be available for more secondary school students and more topics will be covered, including personal growth development, post-80s phenomenon and societal problems, environmental protection, and successful leaders’ sharing of experience. Students can use this chance to prepare themselves for university education, acquire knowledge of different areas, expand their horizons, and equip themselves for future challenges. Interested secondary school students may send an email to for more information.