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December 2012
European Hubs

President Professor Tony Chan and Vice-President Dr Eden Woon paid a fruitful visit to Copenhagen, Stockholm, Berlin, Munich and Heidelberg in October and met USTers in these large cities renowned for high-tech research and industry. These reunions were not only attended by alumni, but also current exchange-out and once exchange-in students, who have been maintaining close ties with HKUST over the years.

Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen!
The visit started in Copenhagen, where the meet-up included a good number of once exchange-in students, mainly from the Technical University of Denmark. The first-ever alumni gathering here, the drinks reception provided a good opportunity for Professor Chan and Dr Woon to share HKUST’s success and challenges ahead. Special thanks go to Wayne Yeung for organizing this event.

Northern Lights
Thanks to Cai Bing's coordination, the gathering in Stockholm attracted alumni pursuing postgraduate degrees at internationally acclaimed universities in Sweden, and exchange-in students from KTH. A great happy hour for all!

Happy in Heidelberg
Cheers! Alumni in Heidelberg had a cozy chat with Professor Chan, Dr Woon and Professor Reinhard Renneberg. This happy hour was facilitated by Jeffrey Iqbal, who was one of the first batch of international graduates.
Capital Occasion
A pleasant breakfast was had with three alumni who shared their experiences of living and working in Berlin, Germany's biggest city. Thank you Yee Dahm for facilitating this reunion.
Munich Fest
Alumni and TUM exchange-in students renewed their ties at this Munich reunion, at which the HKSAR Economic and Trade Office hosted a welcome lunch for HKUST delegates led by Professor Chan. It was a rewarding get-together for everyone there, and was coordinated by Karry Wong, who is furthering his study at TUM.