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Issue No. 94, November 2014
The Sci-Fi Humming in the Library
Since the Library released the 3D Printing Service in late September, the printer has remained busy.  Library users respond to this new service with excitement.  The appointment schedule is often full within two weeks; bookable sessions are taken up fast.
The service lets HKUST students and researchers test designs, build prototypes and artifacts for teaching, learning as well as personal interests.  The printing process itself is also a learning experience.  At your reserved time, you will bring your finished design as an STL file with you to the IC Help Desk on Library G/F.  You will then use the 3D Printing Workstation to prepare the file, and export it in the format that the printer accepts.  This preparation is a necessary step in which you specify the print settings in terms of resolution, density and stability.  It is not rare that a user may realize at this stage that his or her design is not printable, and therefore should change the design for another print attempt.  Happily, the majority of the models built in the Library have been successful.  You can view them in the 3D Printing Gallery at
To learn how to use the service and how to prepare the files, you should come to the 3D Printing Open House offered by the Library during this term.  Pay attention to our email announcements for upcoming sessions, or check the Library Class Registration ( for schedule.
Use the 3D Printing Service page ( to learn more.