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Issue No. 94, November 2014
Hong Kong Political Development
Reports on election arrangements and Occupy Central have been hitting news headlines over the past month. Students boycotted classes.  Mongkok had outbreaks of violence.  Barricades blocking government offices lasted much longer than anticipated.  What's the future for Hong Kong?
The University remains a neutral place for our community to express its viewpoints.  A recent forum on the Umbrella Movement organized by HSS saw many people from the audience eager to speak and express their feelings and opinions.  The Library has also provided a platform for readers to learn about different issues and aspects of Hong Kong's political landscape.  Library staff worked to offer a plethora of sources on these issues, to provide a teaching moment for our readers.
We displayed over 100 books and videos on Hong Kong Political Development as a Collection Highlight. Although this collection is no longer on display, an online list of titles with links to ebooks and streaming videos is available at
You may also learn more from our Research Guide  It provides background sources such as the Basic Law, the White Paper on 'One Country, Two Systems' Policy, and consultation papers on 'Selecting the Chief Executive in 2017 and for Forming the Legislative Council in 2016'. There is also news, and links to political parties, influential organizations, non-governmental organizations and think-tanks.  The School of Humanities and Social Science offers a number of courses on comparative politics, regional politics, and local politics and society.  Their syllabi are also good resources for self-learning if you did not enroll in their classes.
A Readers Alert ( provides more sources on the Constitutional Development, and background on civil disobedience as a concept and practice.