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Issue No. 94, November 2014
Author Workshops @ HKUST
Scholarly publishing is a proper way to demonstrate research outputs and improve academic profiles.  It is imperative for all academics, especially young researchers and postgraduate students to get papers published in leading, renowned journals.  Nevertheless, getting published is sophisticated, arduous and sometimes frustrating.  Young researchers and postgraduate students may have questions on how to choose an appropriate journal for submission, how to write a good paper, what a peer-review process is, etc.  More importantly, scholarly publishing has been transforming.  More new models are available for choosing where and how to publish.  The Library has endeavored to support academics in authoring by collaborating with leading publishers, including Elsevier, Wiley, Springer, Taylor & Francis, and IOP to organize author / publishing workshops since 2013.
So far 8 workshops reaching 300 attendees have been conducted.  Some crucial publishing issues have been addressed, e.g.  how to write good research;  how to get published;  guide to publication success; tips to help publish in academic journals with emphasis on peer review; author strategies for successful journal publication & practical advice for manuscript preparation; and author rights and responsibilities.
The Library also prepares author tips for reference at, along with recorded sessions and presentation materials in the Author Workshops section.  The next author workshop will be on 18th November.  Emerald, a global publisher with 57 journals included in Thomson Reuters ISI, will deliver a topic on “Guide to Getting Published”.  This workshop may also bring us an awarded author for sharing.  Another leading publisher, IEEE, will hold an author workshop in February 2015.  Hopefully, these useful author workshops can help academics publish their research.